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2 simple suggestions regarding glitters and maps.
So my first suggestion (this is just for fun, not really necessary Tongue) is to create a simple glitters.log or chests.log file to store what we collect from glitters and chests since Seafight Logbook is pretty shitty.
The text file (for glitters at least) would be best if it had an easily parsable format so someone else or insider himself can make a viewer for the log.
Formated like this: [Date](RewardType)(Amount)
Quote:[6:06:29] Experience Points - 12
[6:06:23] Pearls - 120
[6:06:14] Gold - 10120

Same for chests but I assume this would be more complicated.

Anyway, the more important suggestion is map changing.
Allow the user to select a couple of maps next to each other for example, a row, or a box group of 4 maps. Then the bot could alternate based on a timer, i.e.: 30 ± 5 minutes.

Thanks! Have a good time Big Grin
Thank you for your suggestions, i'll consider them ;)

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