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[F.A.Q] Seabot
Hello users,

I make this thread for Frequently Asked Questions.

1.I launch seabot, but nothing happens ?
╚>Launch Seabot with Admins rights.

2.You already have an account ?
╚>Explain your problem here [HOT] Invalid Account.

3.I get Proxifier PE Error.
╚>Right clik on Proxifier Icon (bottom-right corner of the screen) > go to Profile > Advanced > Proxification Engine > Go to 64-bit subsystem > Change HookType to "Module Copy".

4.My PC freeze when i open Proxifier.
╚>Download my config of proxifier : Mediafire - Proxifier.

5.90% - connect to server.
╚>Download my config of proxifier : Mediafire - Proxifier.
╚>Try launch the bot with admin rights. If the problem is same uninstall / reinstall the bot.

6.I want use my license on another PC, how can i do ?
╚>Make a thread with tittle Transfert License in Support.

7.I Get an error when opening the bot or during the login.
╚>Check if you have installed .NET Framework 4.0
If it is installed and the bot crash, uninstall it and download the last version.

8."Login to last server used.." bug
╚>Open Internet Explorer, put your username and password, click "Login", a message box will appears asking you to save the password, tick the checkbox "Don't ask again" and click yes. Now open SeaBot and login again.

9. 45% - Connect to Server
╚>Restart your PC, desactivate your antivirus, delete the SeaBot folder, download it again, extract the SeaBot folder and run it as administrator.

I work on this thread.
If you have solution for any bug, pm me.
Bests regards, HkEnsohen.

  1. Please read forum ! Avoid spamming that makes us waste time.
  2. Do not make or edit thread with the tag [DEV].
  3. If you want unlock your thread, pm me with the link + reason.
  4. I check the forum everytime, spam is useless.
  5. Don't post something in a thread that has no relation with the thread tittle.
  6. Please make your thread in English or Italian.

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