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How gehts further(farther)?
Hey people, now it is quite approx. 1 month where you have said it becomes new offered made. up to now I have not stirred because I thought leaves to the people a little. this is so far OK.

but it would be nice if one point on account of them offered generally(at all) it is still developed or not.

I have also belonged from somebody whom I would not like to call(mention) now, he offered is quite ready, but insider it prefers at the moment really life to live.

that's already OK with really life.

indeed, then he could have given to his people the right one around him offered hochzuladen.

hope for answer him asks.
thanks for a lot of answersAngryAngry

iknow insider is very busy at the moment but it is nice when we can knowing how long we must wait for new bot.
nowi know what you are tink from us normal users.

that what you think is kiss my bagside

the time is too long we are here nothing from the work with the new bot.

please make it ready so fast you can
Hi ,

I think the bot is already done but the bigpoint offusced the source code , and this is the problem.

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