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Hello players, i was in vacation with my family and i get back. So my question is When will be upload link with SeaBot and license because i read theards with "license"and i can't understand, if someone know, please help me.Thanks In Advance.
I too cant find a link to download a seabot i want test it first.
Guys, Seabot dont work in the moment.
he is working at the safety for seabot. toooooo many accounts are blocked from bigpoint.
- Succesfully logged in!
[00:36:00] - License status: Trial
[00:36:00] - License valid until: 15/09/2016 12:43:59
i loghin whit another nikname i buy mi license for 1 mount and next write mi when i want to loghin account no valid i make 1 new account to insider and i loghin and show me mi license for 2 day but way if i pay for 1 mount and it's the same ip and i pay whit a new debit card dis is email check plis tnk

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