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Account has hacked Open-Beta Help.
Hello everyone, today i login in my account and i saw my elite ship has sold, and bought another. I don't know E-mail password and i cant return the password, someone can help me.

Server; Open-beta ;(
you have to write BP support for that one
Can you give me the link if it is possible Smile Thnx for information btw open-beta now still upgrading. ;(
Alright, i wrote BigPoint [ 1 week ago ] and i don't have answer..
Someone help me why they don't answer ?
It's a BETA Server opened for making the players testing updates before introduce these updates in the "Mother-Server".

1. You cannot sell/buy an account on BP server's (SeaFight/DarkOrbit).
2. Being a BETA server, if you loose your account, BP says this to you: 'F*ck yourself. Smile'

With this, hope I am clearly as possible, sorry for my bad english, i'm Italian and i've only 14 Years Old.
people need stop talkin / treating beta like norm.. or complaining about.. your shit gets fuked.. thats the life of beta
SOMEONE might have already answered the question for the umpteenth time in the 2nd post in this thread.
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