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Account has hacked Open-Beta Help.
Hello everyone, today i login in my account and i saw my elite ship has sold, and bought another. I don't know E-mail password and i cant return the password, someone can help me.

Server; Open-beta ;(
you have to write BP support for that one
Can you give me the link if it is possible Smile Thnx for information btw open-beta now still upgrading. ;(
Alright, i wrote BigPoint [ 1 week ago ] and i don't have answer..
Someone help me why they don't answer ?
It's a BETA Server opened for making the players testing updates before introduce these updates in the "Mother-Server".

1. You cannot sell/buy an account on BP server's (SeaFight/DarkOrbit).
2. Being a BETA server, if you loose your account, BP says this to you: 'F*ck yourself. Smile'

With this, hope I am clearly as possible, sorry for my bad english, i'm Italian and i've only 14 Years Old.
people need stop talkin / treating beta like norm.. or complaining about.. your shit gets fuked.. thats the life of beta

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